Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Challenge: Chill

Woah, has this house been ransacked by bad guys looking for launch codes?

Nope. Mom just made dinner.

I tend to do things in a hurry. Everything.
If a have a moment to get something done, I need to do it in a hurry, before I get interrupted by the needs of a child. And so, I hurry. I hurry through everything.

This picture above is no joke. I really do serve dinner with the kitchen looking like this. (Drives my OCD husband and kids nuts, by the way. So they close the doors for me, eventually. In this way, their quirks enable my quirks to continue. It's a nice setup, really.)

Is this a picture of my mental state?
Is this a clue that I'm a little frazzled? A little rushed?

At the table, I'm out of breath.  And then, finally, finally everyone has what they need, prayers are said, and we eat. And I eat. In a hurry.

I really didn't know how bad I was about this until I noticed myself doing it one night when I was on a date with my husband. We were at Olive Garden, enjoying a relaxed evening together, but as soon as the food came, I started to hurry my way through it.

I was practically out of breath from eating so fast.
When I realized I was almost done and he had only had a few bites, I stopped myself.
Nobody is going to steal this food from you, self! Nobody is going to interrupt you needing a nose wiped or a diaper changed! Seriously, you need to just chill out!

Why is this so hard for me?
But it is!

A few weeks ago, someone in the Weak and Lovely facebook group mentioned that her goal for the week was to finish her meal after her daughter. (and this is quite a challenge, she said, as her daughter practically chews her milk!)

What a great idea! I thought.
How impossible! I thought.

So this brings me to your weekly challenge (and mine:)

Turns out this is important.
Here are just a couple reasons:

  •  It takes approximately 20 minutes from the time you start eating for your brain to send out signals of fullness.

(In fact, wolfing down meals could be enough to nearly double your risk of being overweight, according to a previous Japanese study.)

Read more:
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  • If you eat slow, you might notice the other people eating with you, and have a conversation, even before your plate is empty! (How weird, I think!)

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Do you find it hard to eat slowly like I do?

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  1. I'm showing this post to my husband just so he can know he's not alone! I too leave the cabinet doors open and a mess on the counter when I'm in the kitchen. It drives my husband crazy!!! Maybe our guys should get together some kind of support group? haha!

    I hear you about rushing through meals and well...everything really. I treat every meal like it's the last one I'm going to get. I have to eat it all and in a hurry! Maybe I should think about slowing down this week :)

    Thanks for the great post!


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