Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Challenge: Remind yourself WHY

Are you still trying to make healthy changes?

So am I.  A few of the changes have been fun and rewarding, like finding new recipes the family loves, and starting to see the benefits of exercise.

But sometimes, it is hard to remember why I'm doing this-- like when we all get sick, or when I feel too tired to cook something that requires my brain and attention.  I'm still learning, and because I am still learning, cooking real food and healthy food does not seem easy or natural.

My kitchen is not running on auto-pilot.

After a period of learning and planning, it will get easier, I know it will. I will have a stockpile of healthy convenience foods in my freezer for our difficult weeks. I will know what staples I need, and prepare them regularly without thinking about it.  I will feel like we've been eating this way forever.

But I'm not there yet.
And some days, I want to forget the whole thing.

Personally, I think occasional fast food, processed foods, or treats are really not a big deal. We live in America, after all. We would have to check out of our culture completely to avoid these things in our diet, and I'm simply not willing to do that.

As the Queen of my Kitchen, I am allowed to bend my own rules, and I think that, too, is healthy.  But bending the rules often leads to a flood of cravings or temptation for convenience, in my children and in me as well. But as Queen, it is my job to keep our family on course, even after a holiday.

And I will be incapable of doing just that, if I cannot remember why I should.

This week's challenge:

Remind yourself why

Have you ever stopped at the grocery store in front of something delicious, thinking,

Why did I stop buying this or eating that? 
It looks so good, I just can't remember!

I need help remembering, lots of help, especially when I am tired or hungry.  I need God's help, and I need to be retold what He's already taught me.

So my challenge to you this week, as we continue to learn to be kind to our bodies, is to remind yourself why. Sit down for ten minutes and make a nice long list.

I'll post mine on Wednesday.

Why are you trying to be kind to your body?

If you are stuck, here are some prompts that might inspire you.

God, help me be kind to my body.  And help me to want to. And help me to remember why.

When I am kind to my body, I  ...
When I make healthy choices, I....
When I exercise, I ...
When I have extra energy, I ...

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  1. Oh Emily. You did it again. You are making me think. Darn you! Honestly, when I read the title of the post I was going to skip it. I don't want to think about it. I don't want to contemplate "Why" because sometimes these changes just stink. I still have not started exercising regularly and I don't want to. I just don't. So to get me to think about it and WRITE A LIST! Sheesh. Thanks. (please note, that is not all sarcasm in my voice. There is also a bit of honest gratitude.)


    1. Jenny, I just love your honesty! This is a good but very hard exercise. Actually I made my list a long time ago, and sometimes I look at it, and other times I hide from it! Especially when I'm feeling the "I don't want to!" about something... like, I don't want to cut back on coffee! I'm enjoying my one cup today right now. And I am planning a nap this afternoon. I'm told this is possible!

      Blessings to you too Jenny!
      And my 2 cents on the exercise... When I exercise, I have more energy, am more cheerful and patient, I have a better sense of humor with the kids... and I enjoy my hot showers more than normal! :)

      so yours- when you drink less (or no?) caffeine, you....
      What?!? I can't imagine!

  2. This is a great reminder when it is SO easy to get off track. Sometimes, I think that a can of Dr. Pepper or Mt. Dew sounds so good but then I remember why I stopped drinking soda. I just don't want to put all of that fake stuff in my body. My major weakness is coffee - when I take that first sip, I actually thank God for it. I love your idea for a list. I'm getting back on track with a lot of things and I think that a list is a wonderful way to help guide me down a path toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Thanks so much!


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