Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All of your strength.

 The story is told of a dad who asked his young son to lift a very heavy object, a weight far beyond the little boy’s capacity. The object would not budge. 
“Try again, son.” The boy tried again with no success. “Son, you are not using all your strength.” The boy tried again, but still the object would not move. “Son, you’re still not using all your strength!”
“Oh, Daddy, Daddy, I’m trying,” grunted the boy as he strained at the immovable object. “I’m using all my strength.”
“No, you’re not, son,” replied the father. “You haven’t asked me to help!”

(Robert D. Jones, as quoted in Mahaney, Feminine Appeal, p. 119)

His strength is our strength.

Do you understand that? 
His strength is (by grace!) our strength.

His strength is my strength.
There for the taking. And he invites me to ask for it.

Lifting the rock of my sinful nature is utterly impossible, unless I use all my strength, my strength as a child of God, my strength in Him. His strength. My strength.

We would be foolish children of God, to tackle our sins and our problems, without using all of our strength.

Forgive my forgetfulness, and my pride that tackles my problems with my puny earthly resources. Because of Christ, I am your child. By your grace, I am your child.  And You are a God eager to bless and to help. How quickly I forget this! Christ’s inheritance is mine. His riches are mine. His  holiness, self-control, and love are mine. His strength is mine. Help me to see, know, and live this today, by Your grace, and because of His blood shed for me, Amen.

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