Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Homemade Soft Pretzels

This is one of our new favorite after-school snacks.  I try to have the dough made before the kids come home. Then, they enjoy shaping them.  Plus, the anticipation that comes from watching them bake is fun to observe!

First, here's the recipe: Homemade Soft Pretzels
Note that this makes a LOT. I could have made half a batch and still had leftovers, even in our family of eight. Second, you need a thermometer. Much to my surprise, I found one in my drawer. I don't know where it came from or if I have ever used it before, but I was happy to discover it!

Here are some photos, for your enjoyment and inspiration. Seriously, MAKE THESE.

First, the stirring. 

Beating up on the dough, instead of each other.

Then, the rolling of "worms" and shaping of pretzels.

Note that before you bake them, the pretzels should have nice sized gaps.  They definitely get bigger.

Make them look like this:

If you don't they will look like this after they bake:

That assumes, of course, that you want them to look like pretzels.
My kids were not so interested in that.

They made pretzel-cats.

And dogs.

And alligators.

They tasted great.

The waiting is torture!

But worth it!

One final note- I did not have pretzel salt. 
I used regular salt. It worked fine.


Come back next Tuesday for another great recipe!

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  1. *Likes* -

    1. That you let all your kids help. I can't get a mixing bowl out of the cupboard without two little girls rushing in and pulling up stools to "help. :P

    2. That your little boy is praying over his "cat" pretzel :)

    3. That you've given me something for my kids to beat up on beside each other :D


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