Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rich, Healthy Chocolate Pudding

Avocado pudding recipe

OK it's really avocado pudding, but as the title on the post says, it tastes nothing like avocado.
It is rich, chocolatey heaven.

I made this, and after I tasted it, I literally danced around my kitchen with joy.
I gave some to my neighbor, and she shouted, then rejoiced with songs of praise to God. (well, almost.)

I have be honest, here, and tell you it didn't go like I thought it would with the family. Hubby said it was too tangy.Half the kids loved it, the other half didn't.  Oh well, more for me!

An aside- this does contain honey. When I tried this I had been sugar-free for a week and at that time was free of sugar cravings as well. Did the honey set of my addiction and the craving cycle?  It did not.

Hallelujah, praise Jesus!
(Kitchen dancing commenced.)

Maybe you have to be going through sugar detox to love, love, love this, but the bottom line is, I love it.
Get the recipe here.

For those of you with kids-
I recommend not letting them see you prepare this.  Green in a dessert? (Complain, complain.)

Optional variation: Use less honey and add a frozen banana.  I haven't tried this but it sounds wonderful!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Photo credit and recipe here

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