Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Challenge: Get in the Picture

 Can I tell you what I see here? And can I be brutally honest?

I see "not photogenic."
I see weight to loose and stubborn pimples and a bad angle.

But you know what my son sees?

The night he drove his first car- on the race track at Disney World. 
And his mom there with him, sharing in the Best Night Ever. 

("Mom, now that you know I can drive one of these, you really should buy me one.")

And you know what? I'm learning to see things more like my son sees.  
(Read this article- The Mom Stays in the Picture)

Moms, it is so easy to be hard on ourselves, especially as we struggle with our weight and our health. It is easy to see ourselves AS those struggles (and failures!)  It is tempting to hide, hide from public, or at least hide from the camera, until we lose that weight or fix that problem.

But our children and those who love us-- they care far less than we do about all that.
They want to be with us now-- to make memories with us, now.
They love us now, extra weight and pimples and all.

They love us, now. Today.

Remember this, friends, as you work to get healthier.

You are lovely, loved.

So, please, just get in the picture.

Your challenge this week

Read this article:

Get in the picture!!!

My big boy forgot to be a big boy on the bus,
and he fell asleep in my arms like a little baby.
So glad I was there to hold him

I'd love to see some of your pictures this week!
  Email me or post them to my facebook page!

Do you hide from the camera?

Remember, you can read the rest of the series here,
and join the facebook group for extra support!


  1. I confess - I am a camera dodger. :) Maybe some of what you're talking about is why I wrote my post today on beauty and not feeling as women like we're enough.

    Thank you for writing so honestly about something we all struggle with in our everyday lives.

    God bless you!

  2. Grandma's too! (And husbands, offer to take pictures sometimes--often it's just moms who think to take pictures, so they're never in them)

  3. Guilty. But so true Katy, really wish someone else would grab the camera sometimes. I just feel so silly asking someone to take a picture of me with my babies, So I'm typically the one with the camera but I'll admit most of the time that's on purpose. My sweet husband has told me to get in the picture more often, he tells me our kids won't know what I looked like. So, he'll actually try to get pics of me with them sometimes, but it's usually on big blue sweatpants day..not my best days, why can't he take them on slimming big BLACK sweatpants day instead?? :)

    I think I'll accept this challenge Emily, thanks!


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