Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Challenge: Rest

Sometimes I reheat my coffee 4 times before I finally drink it. The same cup.
Because the urgent needs never stop.

The onslaught of urgent needs faced by a mother is tremendous.
They pester us, nag us, guilt us, and we respond by moving, working, running through our days trying to get stuff done.

One day, a child was sick.  He was so sick, he needed his mother. He begged me, he forced me to nap with him.

He forced me to rest. And that's what it felt like, truly, because my list was long.

And yet, God forced me to lay down in the afternoon.

And I wiggled and sighed in the grip of my vocation, next to my son on the bed.  The needs of my sick child trumped the urgent mess in the kitchen, so I did what I had to do, grudgingly.  Until his tiny snores caused me to look at his sleepy face. My eyes saw my son, comforted, and my body melted under the blankets.

And I rested.

How often I forget, that God is kind and good, making us rest, and promising our rest.
And rest is good for both body and soul.

Your challenge this week:


Take a nap.

Remember, we are weak and lovely. Wonderfully Made.

Our goal is not merely pounds lost, but health.  And healthy bodies need rest.

Need some inspiration to rest?
Are you like me, and you find it difficult to just stop, even when the work is not done?

Please, read this post:
The trouble with rest

Do you find it hard to rest?
Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Remember, you can read the rest of the series here,
and join the facebook group for extra support!

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  1. I want to rest also. You give me incentive to take good and much needed advice. Blessings, enjoy your rest.


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