Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Break the rules. (Book review: Broken)

Broken: Seven Christian Rules That Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possibleby Johnathan Fisk

For all the perfect storm of our hypercultural age, for all the distractions and amusements and cares of this American life, for all the scorching pressures of conforming to the modern world and the postmodern mind, it is still only the one foil the devil is using to attack the faith...It's the same foil countless well-meaning Christian pastors preach and Christian people try a little harder to believe every single week. It is the lie that

"God wants you to find Him somewhere other than in His Word." (p.17)

Fisk outlines 7 common variations on this lie:

You will find God in your heart, 
in the works of your  hands,
in your mind,
in the world,
in the perfect church,
in God's absence (lawlessness).

With an entertaining style, sarcasm, and Star Wars references, Fisk tears apart these common pitfalls. (And perhaps a few assumptions of the reader, as well.)  The reader is relieved to learn that these things are mere traditions of men, and have no authority to bind his conscience. 

Again and again, the reader is pointed back to Christ: in His Word, on the Cross, for you.

I enjoyed the metaphors and the illustrations throughout the book. I do not believe I have ever read a book in this genre written in quite this way. It was refreshing (if also slightly dizzying.)  Though I had no trouble following his arguments, I am not sure it will be accessible to the average teen or young adult without additional background study.  However, I think those who rise to the challenge will benefit from it.

I recommend this book, particularly for those who are exhausted in their pursuit of God.

Jesus is a God who comes to us.

He is not hiding, not waiting for you to fix or do or be or find anything.
He is God with us.
In His Word, in His sacraments.
God with us.

You can also listen to Pastor Fisk discuss these topics here: Man's failed attempts to reach God.


  1. We get to listen to Pastor Fisk speak next weekend. I'm looking forward to it, but moreso I think I am looking forward to seeing what my 12 year old learns.


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