Friday, April 26, 2013


"I would not chill the warmth and ardor of happy girlhood. What if I do know that the clouds and storms of life are just ahead and that its cares will bend her back and break her heart! Would they be any less if she knew? Soon enough the sorrows and pain will come. Laugh and play now, for this is your day. Dream your bright and happy dreams, and aspire to your lofty heights. I should be a pessimist indeed if I saw evil in the radiant dreams and fair hopes that now brighten your skies and make your path light." 
(Beautiful Girlhood p 13-14)

Father, see these two beautiful hearts, how they grow!

It's so beautiful and yet so terrifying! Their dreams are huge and they know so little of the world! How is a mother to encourage them and worry for them at the same time? Yet they need both, don't they? Their dreams need nurturing, and yet their tender hearts still need some protecting in this place. 

Father I have not the wisdom I need to tend this garden.

Tend to me and my girls, Father.

Keep us safely connected to the life-giving vine, to Jesus, as we grow up together.

In His name, Amen

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