Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hammer time

A few nights ago, my son decided he wanted to build a dog house.
He is seven.

I suggested we start with basic building skills.
So he's practicing hammering.

I presented him with quite a difficult decision before he began:
Which hammer?

The black one, which is his...
or the other one, which is BIGGER, but has flowers on it!

Little brother got the flowers.

This  kept them busy for over an hour. The little ones watched, and the big girls joined in.
I highly recommend this activity.


  1. I picked up "Constructions: Big Things to Make" at a library sale. Apparently it's from a whole line of "Practical Puffin" books--instructions for kids who like to do things themselves. I don't know if your boy is a reader, but there's a whole line of them. I plan on keeping my eye out at garage sales and amazon and ebay for more!

    1. Katy- thank you for the suggestion! I will keep my eyes out for these as well. He is a reader- almost exclusively nonfiction, which makes me laugh because he is just so NOT like his mother!


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