Monday, April 15, 2013

Messy Mommy Jobs- series returns! (#9 & Link Up)

Because it is fun, because posting pictures helps me laugh and not cry, and because my kids keep giving me plenty of material for this series

Messy Mondays are back!

I'm planning to do this one every other week- send me your pictures if you'd like!

First, a post from another mama- Kristie.
The back story, in her words...

"I am talking [on the phone about something very serious] Taylor was sitting in front of me, with her back to me, coloring with her new markers .  She took off down the hall, and then came back to me...............and this is what I see.........AHHHHHHHHHHH.......apparently the scissors were stashed there also.....she told me she just wanted to look funny.......she was definitely that ;-) I told her she might look funny for the next month or 2 while her hair grows out, not to mention the dance recital just around the corner.  Just knew mommy needed a true laugh I guess!!!"

Spring is here, and spring brings major mud and mess.
But the extra laundry is worth it for the fun (and the cute pictures)

Dirty feet!
(Note the purple toe- those are my 'barefoot' running shoes! I'm sold! more on that to come.)

Worm Collector

Most of you don't know this, but I was the BEST worm collector when I was younger.
I even tried to sell them to the neighbors.
The boys and I gathered a nice bunch after the rain last week.

Mauled gardening book
At least I'm using it! I got some seeds in, and then I left the book on the picnic table, so they used it as a frisbee or a stool or a hat or something.

Dirty hands
Love my garden helpers!

Goodbye Glitter jar
It is not OK to throw it at your mom in anger, son.
It was fun while it lasted.
(I might make another Calm Jar. Perhaps I'll just use it for myself!)

What the heck?
Why would someone tape these here?
I have no explanation.


Laundry Helpers?
They took every towel and piece of laundry in the bathroom and put it in the tub with them.
I love their guilty looks.

Floor cleaning consequences,
because they think it's cute to shake their sippy cups at each other.
Mama doesn't think it's cute.

How about you ?
Any messes at your house recently?
What picture above is your favorite?
I'd love to hear your stories!

In case you missed it, check out the first post, Monday's Mess, and Do the messes ever drive you to the edge? (If nothing else, check out that one to see the peanut butter-cicle), and Don't get mad, grab your camera!

Share your pictures!

Send me an email
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(Please note- if you post to facebook or email me, you are giving me permission to use your picture on my blog! If you want credit, put your nameon the picture itself.  I use picmonkey for this and other edits. It's free and you don't even have to register!)

If you have a blog, link up with me below! ( Links back are always appreciated!)
Your post can be anything at all mess-related; cleaning tips, organizing tips, thoughts on a messy life, a messy craft project, or just fun pictures of your kids doing something messy!

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  1. So hindsight I'm sure.
    Not sure about the barefoot shoes. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts.
    Love the taped creation! You ask, "Why?" They are all about, "Why not?"
    Also, the bathtub laundry. Killing two birds with one stone I suppose. Hilarious!
    I'm linking up my outside mess today.


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