Friday, April 12, 2013

more random recommendations

Articles (etc.) that have touched my heart this week:

What Christians Need to know about Mental Illness
Achingly beautiful and compassionate post - Christians, we need to take off the masks and support each other through these dark things.

Christians and Mental Illness on Issues, Etc.
Please, listen to this. If you or someone you love struggles (and they do, whether you know it or not...) Listen.

A simple way to pray
A wonderful way to approach God and His Word.

Eight Years of Living
Eight just slips away and suddenly nine is here, and all mothers can relate to this wonderful beautiful treasuring-up of a mother heart. (And oh why must boys become men!?)

Murdered in the Woods
Satan really is such a bastard.  A response to the suicide of Rick Warren's son.

The story you may not have heard (warning: Graphic)
If you don't know about the Gosnell trial, you should.  See also this one.

Post Abortion Story of Hope
I watched this several years ago, and I often think of this woman when abortion is discussed. Hear how she (yes, even a pastor's daughter) chose abortion, and hear how God pursued her with his grace afterwards.

And because life is such a mixture of the tragic and the comic, here are a few light-hearted articles for your enjoyment.
Because his flower is "all broken"

Reasons my son is crying
Hilarious- and inspired my tear-filled post

The Toddler Years Must Do
Home with your preschooler(s)?  Get re-inspired!

Number Two
A moment in the life of boys- illustrated with crappy pictures.

Letter from Phil
Did you know I'm taking part in a walk for Phil's Friends next month?
Read this letter to see why I like this ministry!  Words matter!
(Would you like to walk with me or sponsor me? Click here)

Have you read anything worth noting this week?
Leave me a link if you like!


  1. Thanks for sharing these resources. There should be no shame for a Christian to admit being depressed. I spent many years hiding the fact that I was depressed because I thought good Christians did not get depressed and was afraid of the judgement I might get if I admitted it!


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