Friday, April 26, 2013

random recommendations #3

Parenting and motherhood
Mom am I ugly?
What would you say if your daughter asked? Here are ten tips from another mother...

The Real Life Definition of Mother
real life and real heart.  Read this one, moms.

Butterflies and Theology
A trip to the butterfly garden goes horribly (why did I pay money for this!) but then things change...

Best Construction
Thinking about those words said in front of little ears...

The Twenty Minute Rule
Excellent strategy for keeping your cool during those intense mommy moments.

Nutrition and Health
50 of the best uses for coconut oil
Put a little windex coconut oil on it!

A McDs Hamburger 14 years later.
You gotta see this.

10 foods you can grow from scraps
Garden with garbage! How economical! I will be trying some of these!

A hymn for suffering pastors

Shadow Dance Love Story 

Some Truth about Death and Angels
Is there really a Grandma Angel?

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