Friday, April 5, 2013

Random Recommendations

Here are a few of my recent favorites from around the web.

For the moms
 Anne Lamott writes, “I get thirsty people glasses of water, even if that thirsty person is just me.”

Remember baby Delia, whose short little life m
ade us smile and cry and question? Well, her mama has a new baby girl now, and she writes about what it's like to bring home a newborn after saying goodbye to another newborn.  (This post reminded me of mine on fragility, and the one were I spilled.)

20 reasons why playing outdoors makes children smarter
recent bike ride. Welcome, spring!
Just some more reasons to tighten the boundaries on technology, especially now that the weather is getting warmer!

Let me be the one to say it out loud
To parents of small children.
"You are not a terrible parent if you yell at your kids sometimes. You have little dictators living in your house. If someone else talked to you like that, they’d be put in prison." 

For my fellow bloggers and writers
The One Thing Your Blog Strategy Can't Do Without
Sweet encouragement to slow down, to break the rules, to listen, and to live in grace.

On faith and the Christian Life
Does God require "blind faith" from His children, or does he give us good, objective reason to trust Him?  Kokul argues that we should ban the term "leap of faith" from our vocabulary, and recognize that Christian faith is not mere wishing, but active trust in a God who has proven Himself Trustworthy.  (See also Faith and Facts)

A simple overview of many of the factual elements that contribute to the historical case for Jesus’ resurrection. No one point is by itself absolute proof that Jesus rose from the dead, but the evidence is cumulative(that is, each piece adds further weight to the total) and integrative (that is, the various facts fit together in a meaningful whole). The result is a very strong case that Jesus (a) died, (b) was buried, (c) rose from the dead, and (d) appeared alive to a variety of persons (1 Cor. 15:3-8). At the end of this article is an annotated bibliography of 14 books that examine in great detail the issues touched upon in the list of 14 evidences.

Sermon Review: The Easter Sermon heard by President Obama and his family
The entire sermon is played with comments from Pastor Wilken. This sermon made the news, by the way. Have a listen for yourself.

God vs. "the good"
Seeking one is not the same as seeking the other.
See also the second half of this post for a wonderful snippet from Luther on the resurrection.

Prayer for the Gift and Increase of Gentleness
I printed this one and hung it by my kitchen sink. (for "my neighbosr" I often substitute "my children," since they are my closest neighbors, and they do suffer the most when I am less-than-gentle.

Have you read anything interesting or thought-provoking this week? 
Leave me a link if you like!

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