Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why is my son crying?

(Inspired by Reasons my son is crying. Check it out, it's really funny!)

Why my boys cried. 
This morning.

Because I won't let him have second breakfast while I'm still cleaning up the first.

Because "he shut the door on meeee!"

Because he wouldn't move and he did get hurt.

Because his brother squirted him!

Because I wouldn't move daddy's care so he could sweep under it.

Because I needed to use my garden shovel.

Because I ran out of crackers.

Because his brother tattled on him for eating all the grapes.

Because I gave him a time out, because he was trying to climb up the side of the school.
And because he sassed me.

Because he can't have cheese while in time-out.

Because his brother was pretending to shoot him with a stick.

Because he doesn't want a nap.

Because he tripped.

Because he really doesn't need a nap AT ALL.

I can't keep this photo collection up, folks. It's hard to snap a picture and offer sympathy or give direction at the same time! And I'd hate for them to think I'm not taking them seriously! But for this one morning, this was a good project for me. It helped me see how ridiculous my job can be, and why I have good reason to be as tired as I am!

Sometimes, I feel like I can work as hard as I can all day long, and still, at the end of the day, nobody is happy with me. And I am discouraged. Then I look at these photos and I realize, perhaps their approval is not the best standard!


  1. I was honestly just thinking of this today. Thinking of how ridicules almost all of the tears that are shed really are. How very hard it is as mom to keep cool, calm and sensitive through it all. Calmly and caring telling them why crying at this very moment is just really silly...to me. The "mature" adult.

  2. Oh friend,
    You are a good mom. :)


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