Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

Five Minute Friday

The word: VIEW


How can a view be breathtaking and terrible all at once? Back and forth I go in my view. I see it clearly- how they grow and change, the wonders they are.  I breathe in the fleeting moment, sad to think of the day when they will fly.

Then I something else clearly, so clear it is red.
The elbow in the side, the tattle, the "he hit me," and "he did it first," the spitting of milk for the fun of it, the way I can't leave the room for thirty seconds without a fight or a broken something.  The "I should be able to _____ without you guys doing _________ !" said in so many ways to little ears that don't care to hear.

I see red. Inconvenience, disobedience, and frustration, and it seems like that is all there is to see in this place. 

And the that other view comes back. A preschool graduation, an old photo, and a repentant heart, and a mommy lap that welcomes the little ones while she still can.

God help me to number my days.



  1. Even though I'm not a mom yet, I grew up as the oldest of six children who gave my Mom many moments of the views you write of, so it still sounds familiar to me. So often we can get caught up in red moments, and miss the wonder of right now. Yet, I once heard something to the extent of, parents shouldn't try to raise good kids, but God-fearing, successful adults. While the time flies past, hold them while you can and prepare them to fly. Blessings [stopping by from FMF].

  2. Such is the joy of motherhood! Enjoy it all, dear one, for this too will quickly pass.
    Blessings from FMF

  3. "Parents shouldn't try to raise good kids, but God-fearing, successful adults"

    Amen. I remeind myself of that all the time. I'm raising small sinners into grown sinner, all covered in the blood of Christ.


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