Friday, May 31, 2013

Links, recommended

First, the funnies:

33 Teachers who got the last laugh
Loved this!

Worst End of School Year Mom Ever
This post has had me giggling all day. Love the reality, here. Moms, we were so awesome.... back in October.

Other posts I loved this week:

 my temptation is to look so far ahead that I forget that my feet are not where my eyes are.  (Me too, Kristen.)

Love as a Reference Point

Let's face it, we need to know that what we do matters. 

Two Funerals

On grief and true comfort

The Drop Box
Heart-breakingly beautiful. God use my hands to make a difference in this broken world, too.

End of the Year Interview Questions for kids

I updated this post from last year, and I look forward to interviewing my kids again this week!

And now, welcome summertime.

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