Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doesn't God know how weak I am?

She had tears in her voice, and I could hear them through the phone, when she told me the news. She was already spread thin, so thin. She loves her children, of course, but she was bone tired. She didn't have enough for them, not even close. They wanted more of her attention, more of her love, and she was failing. They wanted meals, again and again. She was behind on everything.

And the worst thing? She wasn't handling it well. And the mommy-guilt was starting to suffocate her.

And did God give her relief?  Did He lead her to green pastures and still waters, and send someone to clean her house while she rested there?

No, at least not on that day. Instead, He sent her another baby.
Another one.

And I could hear it in her voice when she said, "Doesn't God know how weak I am?" Another one. Another that needs. Another one to fail.

Doesn't God know how weak I am?

And yet this God, He chooses the weak things in this world.

I see it- I live under and in this grace that surrounds the weak, and yet I do not understand. I do not understand how God gives imperfect parents a child, and more children. He gives, and they need, and we fail, and somehow a family grows, blessed, and children know they are loved.

Doesn't God know how weak we are?

Of course He does. In fact, I am certain I underestimate my own weaknesses. Why else would I be so surprised by them when they appear? But God, He knows them fully, and He knows yours, too.

And yet He has called us His own in Jesus. We are His own.  And Our Father who gives growth to the crops, and life to the dead, He can use even your weak hands to bless those around you.

Are you surprised at your own weaknesses?
Do you ever feel like weakness disqualifies you from serving God and others?

Please pray for the Lambert family (another friend, not the one in the story above.)

This week, they found out that another of their children has epilepsy. (That makes three.) Dana shared her story (at the time) on this blog here.  Read her blog for the latest here.


  1. That could have been me on the phone! So weak, tired annoyed and the babies keep coming. Sometimes I think (this is terrible I know) "Is God trying to "bless me to death"?! (Maybe so, everyday my flesh should be killed right?) And then I see it too, that Grace He continually gives us weaklings.

    Thanks for this post, I needed it.

  2. Does weakness disqualify me?? Absolutely! I read about "Strength in Weakness" in Through Faith Alone by Luther today. He reminded me that in our weaknesses God's strength is able to shine through and be witness to Him. And that is grace and blessing and every other good thing.


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