Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tweeting in my kitchen

So this week, I got a bird.

It was an unusual thing, and not just because it was a bird.
It was a purchase I made, for ME, just because I wanted to.
(My mother understands how weird this is.)

So what, you may be wondering, is going on with me, that I wanted a BIRD?

What, in this back-to-school, kids-getting-bigger, everyone's-potty-trained life of mine would possess me to do this thing?

Did I feel like my life was getting too easy and I wanted to make it more complicated?
Is this the direct result of me holding someone else's newborn baby last week?
Because the kids are getting bigger, do I suddenly have room for PETS in there?
(Plausible: I have actually been showing affection to our dog this week!)
Is this how I cope with the kids getting bigger, 
with me realizing that I cannot keep my own babies caged at home?
Do I need someone to talk to in the kitchen to replace the counter-sitting baby?
Do I just miss my mom and my grandma, and being a kid who plays with their birds?

No. Yes. I don't know.
I just wanted one.
Isn't she cute?


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