Friday, August 9, 2013

Underwater freewrite

The evening sun will soon be pink.

The girls do not care to watch a movie, and they know this pleases me. Instead, we swim. My muscles are weak, but they remember, and my movement is easy. Just below me-- my shadow. She is graceful and light.

An underwater squeal- I turn my head. My girls are not girly. They see fish,and they are delighted, chasing.

Aggie chases fish like she chases butterflies. She will never catch one, yet nonetheless, for her, it is still all joy. Joy in the discovery, joy in the chase, joy in the letting-go-- joy even in her smallness-- it is all joy for her, and I see it shimmering, rolling down her face, and shining from her big toothed smile.

Sunlight dancing on the seaweed, the rocks, watery silence just below the surface, arms and legs gracefully buoyant, wonders of the worlds below passing before my eyes--oh, how my soul breathes in this place!-- the peace of the underwater world, just the girls and me, swimming along the shore, floating.

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