Monday, September 2, 2013


Any work that takes the place of worship, no matter how honorable or important it might otherwise be, is idolatry.  When we’re so busy we can’t pause to hear God’s Word, we can hardly turn around and ask God to bless what we’re so busy doing. Repent. Worship isn’t about us serving God. That’s what much of what passes for Christian music today does. Worship is about God serving us. Divine serve us. Christ for us. That’s why we pray, praise and give thanks. Gift given and received. Amen!

The Fake FamilyA laugh out loud, gritty, wonderful, motherhood post.

Just call me Mrs. Deadman

We have been relieved of the need to defend ourselves.

Slaves to Happiness
It's a viscious cycle.

Is Sunday School Destroying our Kids?
Are we raising "good little boys and girls?" at the expense of the gospel?

The Divine Overachiever

Here is the truth: we have gained more in Jesus than we lost in Adam. We lost human perfection in the first man’s fall. We gained perfect flesh-and-blood unity with God in his Son’s incarnation. We lost the fruit of the tree of life, but we gained a meal wherein we eat and drink of God and with God in the body and blood of our Savior. We were banished from Eden as Adam’s offspring but embraced by heaven as adopted offspring of the Father himself.

O, Alma Mater
"when a highly educated woman is home with her children day in and day out, she weaves the riches of her education into their lives in continuous, subtle, living ways. This is a priceless preparation for a lifetime of learning. This gift is the transmission of culture."

And just for fun...

Seth needs more pencils. I think he likes to use the pencil sharpener. 

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