Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Recommended: Cherry coffee, and good reads.

Today, I present to you, dear reader:
Miscellaneous thoughts from this week, and articles I have enjoyed from around the web.

I discovered a new favorite coffee recipe:

Chocolate Cherry Creamy Heaven
Michigan Cherry Coffee
Cream, cocoa, and sweetener
(coconut oil if you like)

YUM! (Use a nutribullet if you want to make it creamy and perfect!)

Sometimes, I drink it while I look out my window at a scene like this:

Indeed, I am blessed. And especially blessed this week, as I've had a little time to browse around the web and read for fun. This is quite a luxury, these days.  Here are some articles I found interesting for one reason or another, in no particular order.

Except for the first one. That one was my favorite. But the rest are random.

Gel Pen Faith
If you read only one post, read this one! Love it!

Encouragement for "just" mothers
We can't quantify it, but it matters.

Grateful for Grace: an abortion recovery story
please remember to pray for those who carry this burden.

Aging gracefully
a must-read for those getting old... ish.

The seasons change
lovely photography and devotional thoughts

On being sucked dry
Do you feel sucked completely dry at the end of the day? Here's what you're doing wrong....

Justification by faith alone is still the issue
Does the reformation matter today?  Yep.

It's time to end the stigma of infanticide.
I mean, why not?

Encouragement for single folks out there...

What is the great struggle of the day?
It's closer than you think.

Higher Things: The Gospel of Halloween
What to do with this day?  Nice thoughts here.

And finally, just for fun, here's what my husband and I look like right now, through the eyes of our six-year-old.

Pretty accurate, I'd say.

Have you read anything interesting lately? Feel free to leave links.


  1. The coffee sounds delicious! And the view from your home just made me smile. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the links Emily.
    Love the pictures. Your son seems to have the elbows and knees down pretty well! (Only you look four legged, and your husband looks like a caveman warrior or something. haha :P :D )

  3. Thank you for the links. And the drawing is exactly how I'd imagined you and your husband to look! (Just like my husband and I.)


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