Friday, November 15, 2013

Links recommended

Why creative people sometimes make no sense
I relate to many of these things!

Flesh of my Flesh
must read.

Kissing the Bride through the Veil

Why you should get up close and personal.

wedding sermon
theologically rich and lovely!

A husband took these photos...
love and loss- so moving.

The truth about boring men and the women who live with them.
God grand me this rich, boring kind of love.

It doesn’t feel like we are fighting for the future of our country as we drive strollers with one elbow so we can hold one fat defiant hand while sloshing coffee on ourselves with the other.
But His strength is made perfect in our weakness. He loves the obedience of the widows mite – the offering of the littlest thing that is our everything.
Finally, for fun
Public Radio Interviews his Daughters after One Gives the Other Worst Haircut Ever

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