Thursday, November 21, 2013

recommended posts

Boring men and the women who live with them
This post made me want to pull my husband close and rejoice in our little life together, one more time.

Glory vs. the Cross
on living realistically.

Finding God in the middle of pain
and the voice of God thunders through my kitchen...

How to give yourself grace
struggling with the hard truth that you are still a sinner?

How to raise a pagan kid in a Christian home
Are you making the Veggie Tales mistake?

A few on a topic that is high-priority in my mind at the moment: Teaching kids about Sex
A parent's guide... (Book coming soon.)
"I want my children to have great sex."  Do you agree?
Don't give plutonium to a preschooler
Focus on the Family: Talking to Kids about Sex
How do I start? And why is this so hard?

And because not even THAT issue can make us totally "mature" and serious in this house...
some fun.

Has Dinovember spread to your home yet?
I LOVE how my boys are now jumping out of bed, excited, running around the house to figure out what the dinosaurs did in the night!

And finally, just some wonderful posts.  I enjoyed looking at each of these with my kids.
God's creation is wonderful.
Cheap Camera, Amazing photos
Twins born but don't seem to notice
50perfectly timed photos
Mirror photos 


  1. I loved the first post about proposals. Such a great read!!!

  2. Thank you for these wonderful links! Really enjoyed the one about raising a pagan kid in a Christian home--so convicting. e.


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