Sunday, December 29, 2013

A New Year

originally posted 12/31/11
I sit at my computer and dream big. Oh, the lists I could make!

There so many are many things I want to read, do, write, organize, and tone!

I sit at my computer and think ahead.

I'm just not into it this year.

You all know I love my lists.  But if I write that list of resolutions, I be assuming so many things... and this year, it is not so easy to assume.

I sit at my computer.

The four legs of my chair are holding me up, and my world seems solid. Normal. Predictable. Because of that, there is energy not just for writing lists but completing things.

If my days this year roll along as normal, I may do some productive things.
But I have no guarantee of "normal."

Four legs hold up my chair so I can type.  If one breaks, I hit the floor.  I won't be accomplishing much from down there.

How many things hold up my "normal?"
That would be a long list.
Friends. Church. Finances. Functioning Government. Good weather. Electricity. Internet. Six healthy children. My health. His health. Our parent's heath.

Not one of these things has been promised to stay intact this year.

So instead I think on the Solid Thing.

I think of Him, who has promised to never leave nor forsake me; to guide me in times of "normal;" to tend to me when I find myself on the floor.

Giver of Himself.
Daily bread.
Daily Word.
Daily gifts for my daily needs.

In 2014,
I resolve to receive.


Grace upon grace.


  1. "I resolve to receive."
    That's it. That's all. Me too.

  2. And then I go to Divine Service and hear this:

    For thus said the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength."

    Is 30:15

    May He bless us both with returning and rest, quietness and trust. Even in the midst of this chaotic vocation.

    Blessed 2012 to you Leah.

  3. Best idea for a resolution I've heard yet. And Isaiah 30:15 is quite an endorsement.

  4. Oh, it's amazing to me how God uses the words of wonderful women in Blogland exactly when I need to read them. I want to "resolve to receive." too. Even the gifts I'm afraid of receiving, trusting He will give the grace and strength I need for a new year. Thank you for sharing Emily!

  5. Excellent! Mine is "generosity", but then on January 1, I read CFW Walther's statement on resolutions and maybe I should have chosen "I am baptized!"


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