Sunday, December 22, 2013


How our eyes open, and our perspective shifts when we spend time in God's Word...

"Very often when I leave a place of worship, the first impression I have of the so-called "outside world" is how small it is - how puny its politics, paltry its appetites, squint-eyed its interests. I have just spent an hour or so with friends reorienting myself in the realities of the world - the huge sweep of salvation and the minute particularities of holiness - and I blink my eyes in disbelief that so many are willing to live in such reduced and cramped conditions. But after a few hours or days, I find myself getting used to it and going along with its assumptions, since most of the politicians and journalists, artists and entertainers, stockbrokers and shoppers seem to assume that it's the real world. And then some pastor or priest calls me back to reality with "Let us worship God," and I get it straight again, see it whole." 

(Eugene H. Peterson, "Take and Read")

Grant that our attentions may not be swept away by little things.  Grand that we may be immersed in Your Word, swept up by Your salvation story-- the story of all of history, that has become our story by the grace of Christ.

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