Tuesday, December 10, 2013


"God teaches us to pray by sending needy people to make demands on us." Kleinig (And snow days.)

Between snow days and sickness, I've had little time for writing this week.  

Drinking with the Dead: Country Music and the Communion of Saints
On the ache for lost loved ones, and the foretaste

The Uncivilized
A call into the wilderness

Familiarity Breeds Comprehension: What a trail taught me about the liturgy
yet one more profound writing by Chad L. Bird.

A note from Chad:
If you enjoy my writings, please consider purchasing my newly published book, The Infant Priest:  Hymns and Poems.  This poetry gives voice to the InfantPriestfrontcovertriumphs and tragedies of life in a broken world.  Whether you weep, rejoice, struggle, or hope, through these hymns and poems you can speak to God with honesty and fidelity.  By buying a copy, you will also aid mission work, for 25% of the proceeds from book sales go to benefit Lutherans in Africa.  Click here to purchase your copy.  (Also on Amazon)

No good thing
Words from Ann Voskamp

For fun: 
How to make ice cream from snow 
A glimpse into my mess (on the family blog)
Glass candy: Easy and good!
Dancing with and Ipod in Public

Must listen- you will be swept up!
Angels we have heard (Piano Guys)
Little Drummer Boy
Charlie Brown Medley (at the old folks home! so sweet!)

Happy Advent!

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