Monday, February 3, 2014

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I have nothing of my own to share with you today... I've been doing more listening and resting than writing lately, and I think that is as it should be.

I thought you might enjoy these posts from around the web. Leave me a comment if you have thoughts to share!

Love and marraige

To Wives: Before you were "Mommy"

10 Marriage tips every wife needs to hear
5 questions husbands should ask their wives
and also...
5 questions wives should NOT ask their husbands

Kids getting bigger

Please read this one.

Would that be Okay?
What if your kid grows up to be average?

How to raise a pagan kid in a Christian Home
Pagan kids, part 2

On seeing a woman
When a father noticed his son noticing...


If you've ever regretted a little vulnerability
Because sometimes, life is just hard. It is OK to say that!

On quitting social media
I think I'm going to quit quitting.

20 weeks pregnant with twins and she had an abortion
Lord have mercy

The River of Knives and Wombs
It is prepared for you.  And God knows you need it.  For all you have prepared for yourself is destruction. 

Pastor in Uniform


Things that time cannot mend...

Time does not heal all wounds

The courage to rest
In a state of overwhelm? Read this.  It inspired me to rethink everything.

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