Friday, April 25, 2014


Photo: Thank you Jesus.

Springtime is a wonderful time to notice,
with a camera in my hands.

I will never tire of springtime noticing.  Every year, I am surprised by the fragrance and the joys.

Is there anything more precious than a flower picked by a little boy for his mama?
I usually shove it behind my ear, or "accidentally" drop it when he's not looking.

This time, I noticed- see those tiny curls? Amazing.

The art around me moves by so quickly, it is impossible to take it all in.

The children grow and the moments blow away in the wind.

Father, don't let me miss it!  Help me to see!

When my son saw the first fluffy dandelion of the season, he picked it for me, and ran to me with an excited voice: "Mama, remember these!?  We LOVE these!"

He knows I will appreciate the dandelion fluff with him. I smile.

Yes, I am doing something right.

Appreciating the art that surrounds us, the works of His hands, with the children of His grace...

we give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.

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