Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reach for the sky!

Last year, we broke our trampoline.

It was so incredibly sad. And humbling, because yes, I helped. Apparently me plus everybody = too much weight.  We will pretend it's because these kids are growing so much.

So, spring has finally arrived, and I really want to go buy another. I would like it here, set up, now.  Right now. I miss bouncing, and I miss the hours of exercise and giggles for the children.

After my husband agreed that we could spend the money, I got an idea.

It was a horrible, awful idea.

 I got an idea that would make my life more complicated, create more work for me and all of us.  It would require creativity, and persistence on my part and theirs.  It would be exhausting.

But it would be good for us.

Behold the trampoline project.

We're eyeing this one, unless I find a better deal locally.  I have time to shop around, because they won't earn it all in one day.

They have money from pet sitting, so I deducted that from the price.  $150 remains to be earned.

Because my kids are so given to destruction, I figured they'd like destroying something to mark their progress, rather than coloring in something, or checking off someting.

Every time they work to earn $1, they get to grab a cloud, crumple it up, and throw it in the trash.

They rip those clouds down with gusto.

They also made their own little people for the trampoline.  They like being able to move their own people up as the clouds disappear!

The day after we started this, my youngest two children shocked me: they got out of bed and immediately asked me, "What can we clean?" One had the broom and the other one had the dustpan!

Will they learn teamwork? Perseverance? Will the trampoline be that much more wonderful after they've worked for it?

I'll let you know, assuming we survive this project!


  1. I loved reading this. Smiled the entire time. Great project and way to be motivated :) Rebekah

  2. How fun! Thought you'd like this...if it doesn't go to your spam box!

  3. Terrific goal! Good luck to you and all your little bouncers.

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