Sunday, July 6, 2014

as if life depends on it.

Life right now requires many words, many chores, and much hurried business. In my rare moments of quiet I have had to choose between listening and speaking, reading or writing.

Lately, I have been made so aware of my desperate need to receive, to breathe in, to cling to God and feed on His Word, that I have been listening as if my life depends on it.

(It does.)

So, I have little to say today, but what I do have to say is important:

God hears the cry of the needy.
He helps those who call on Him.
He knows how to sustain with a word the mama who is weary.

If you need some soul food, here are my most recent favorites:

Kleinig on Receptive Piety

A Hearing Heart

These are talks given by Dr. John Kleinig, author of Grace upon Grace. Whether you have read that most excellent book or not, you will be edified by the wisdom he delivers to us here.

(Note: Dr. Kleinig delivered these lectures at a pastor's conference- so if the pastor stuff doesn't apply to you... perhaps use those moments as reminders to pray for your pastor in his unique challenges.)

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  1. Hi Emily

    Thanks for your msgs on my blog Its nice to meet you from the angel project!
    Many blessings.


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