Friday, August 29, 2014


Five minute friday:

I'm reaching for a word prompt, for something to start inspiration. I'm reaching for the soul-settled effect I feel when I write. I haven't been writing, I've been nursing sick kids instead. I feel disorganized in my mind when writing is squeezed out of my days.

This week motherhood meant not only helping whiny children through the day, but even napping with them. Yesterday I lay in bed with one snuggled up next to me, and another with his arms around my neck- snuggling or strangling?  I lay in bed listening to the booger-bubble snores. Every so often he would sigh, and the most wretched of dragon breath overcame me. I'm sure it made the little hairs on my neck shrivel and die.

Motherhood can be gross.

So can sanctification.  The work of God as He humbles me, teaches me to pour out my body as He has done for me. Yet even in pouring out He assigns stillness.  I fight it like a little baby, eyes staring at the ceiling, insisting I am NOT tired and I have so many other things to do; He says, be still. I am God, not you. Just be still.

The naps I was forced to take seem to be helping me stay healthy so I can play nurse. I know, God, that's more important for their health and my spirit than those other things I wanted to do.  Help me to see and believe this. You do work for our good.

Today I was given quiet, and time to again reach for inspiration. Why do I reach in so many directions at once, when I know from where my help comes?

My help comes from the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth.
He is able to sustain with a word the mama who is weary.

With a word.
It doesn't take three hours, or a weekend retreat.
Just a strong word from a strong God.

(post inspired by five minute friday with kate motaung; linked up)


  1. indeed. that is so true. we need to reach for where our help truly comes from.

    I am.. Annette @ a net in time. I am found at

  2. So very true. He is able to do all of that. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thankful that He is our present help. O that reaching for Him becomes our default response.Visiting from Five Minute Friday. Blessings to you.


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