Friday, March 13, 2015

A tromp through the woods

We'd been stuck in this house for what seemed like ten years
With “what-can-we-do” whines and and “I-had-that-first” tears
We'd just about had it. We'll die before spring!
But then God sent the sunshine, and I said, “That's the thing
We needed! Now kids, find your boots right away!
We can't miss a minute of this almost-spring day!”

Rubber boots on our feet, but no coats for this crew
For who needs to bundle when it hits 42?
“No, we don't need jackets,” I said with delight
“See the snow melting? That means its just right
For a walk, or a run, or a skip through the woods!”
And Little One said, “Mom, you’re right! This feels good!”

We crunched through the leaves and we slushed through the snow
And the kids noticed things wherever they'd go:
A log, like a bridge, just over a stream
And a seed that looked just like a truffula tree

Big sister came too, balancing with a smile
The desire to run and to play like a child
And her kind, caring heart that helped her go slow
While Little One made his small tracks in the snow
She stayed close when he said, “Hey, watch me do this!”
And the steadying hand of his Really Big Sis
Helped him complete his challenging stunt
Proving to us that he's not just the runt.

Bare hands picked up snow and made mini snowmen
Then smashed them with boots and then did it again.
They squealed and they yelled until mom said to stop it
And Little One put his cold hand in in his pocket
Where he placed, oh so gently, his friend “woolly bear.”
And the older ones taunted and shouted out dares
“I dare you to jump!” “Bet I can!” “No you can't!
Then “Mommy there's mud on my shirt and my pants!”
“The laundry is worth it,” I said with a laugh,
“As soon as we’re home I’ll put you in the bath.”

While they jumped daring jumps and they played daring games
Those silly boys called things by the wrong names

“Look! An ear-scratcher!” “Nuh-uh! Pincher butt!”

Said the one who was nursing his wee little cut
From the clobster--or crawdad--he pulled from the mud
by the tree with the bumps, or rather, the buds.

All the while was a song flowing behind their words
The sweet sound of spring waters and the singing of birds
Praise God! Alleluia, Thanks Jesus! We say
For this tromp through the woods on this muddy spring day

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  1. This is a keeper, Emily. Love it.


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