Monday, May 4, 2015

silver grace

I look into the wrinkle-framed eyes that have seen decades of life in this broken world.  Wrinkles deepen with the smile of welcome.

I sit beside my pastor-husband at the nursing home. 

We bring updates, hugs, and cheer to our grandparent-in-the-Lord.
Pastor opens his book, and the Words open a crack in the soul that few get to see.
Shaky hands, shaky words of regret and repentance spill out to pastor, to God.
God replies with comfort through human hands, grace from human lips.

A young pastor and an old soul,
speaking words of a Father together.
It is marvelous and strange, this work of God.

Trembling hands take and eat. The body is weak, but the soul is steadied.

Come you souls with silver hair
Take and eat what is prepared
Christ- He comes- you to embrace
Rest now in His perfect grace.

In the waters of your Baptism, Jesus has called you by name and promises to be with you always.
Even here.

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