Sunday, August 16, 2015

Big news, Big feelings

Big feelings happening in this place right now...

That feeling when you realize it's all gift, and sometimes He takes gifts back, or exchanges them for others;

That feeling when you realize (again) that you have control over nothing, nothing that truly matters;

That feeling when your heart bursts withboth grief and excitement, and they both just keep getting stronger;

That feeling when you have talked for ten hours and you still have to go to bed with a big decision unmade;

That feeling when you unsettle the world of the children, and some shoot off fireworks of questions with excitement, while others curl up on the ground in a ball of sadness and fear;

That feeling when you realize someone else might eat your future raspberries, and your future strawberries;

That feeling when you trust and pray and commend yourself to God and you still just can't fall asleep;

That feeling when you realize your future is only as steadfast as the love of the Father for His children;

That feeling when your husband gets a call. 

My husband has received a call to serve at another church. Please pray for us and with us as we deliberate and seek God's will; pray for this church and that church and all churches; that God Himself would be our anchor. 


  1. Prayers for you and your family Emily. I now know what this feels like as we just made the move after my husband received a call. It's not an easy decision to have to make and I'm sure it's harder with older children. So many emotions! Peace be with you all and with your people there.

  2. Oh the promise that He loves us and will go before us... Prayers that you and your family hear His wisdom and desires, and that you all find comfort in knowing He is in control.



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