Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Messes, new and old!

This is me, still trying to embrace the messes that come with life,
in the summer!
it always helps to view them through the lens of a camera!

Buying a puppy definitely requires embracing mess... but isn't he just the cutest?

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River-tromping mess

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Up north messes: Frogs and snakes!
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Four - wheeler mess: Seth covered his sister with mud... he seems real sorry about it, doesn't he?

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, child and outdoor Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, dog, outdoor and nature

Firework mess! (and anxiety!)
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Do the messes ever drive you to the edge?

“Dear God, bless this mess.”
Is this what you pray as you clean the cereal off the floor?
Me neither.
It’s really not the messes that need blessing, is it?
It’s me.
It’s you.
We mothers, who try to contain the messes, and step in the messes, and discover old messes, complain about new messes, and sometimes make the messes- we are the ones that need to be blessed!
(I admit, I make the messes. Tell me I’m not the only one with coffee stains on the front of my shirts.)

Some days, it’s easy to roll with the messes. I might even purposely instigate a mess, by putting sidewalk chalk or marshmallows in their little hands. I’ve been known to take part in water fights, pillow fights, even flour fights (though I must confess, that last one was before I had six kids, and it was at my mom’s house.)
Yet sometimes, the very same house, and the very same messes become… a little irritating.
Quite frustrating, really.
One more thing I have to do before I do the thing I want to do.
Proof that nobody cares what the house looks like.
Reasons to wonder why I bother.
Intentional work made for Mom by thoughtless little people.
Premeditated, malicious attacks on my mental and physical well-being.

Resentment builds, blood boils, and I grab the broom in anger, yelling them out of the house so I can at least sweep the floors before they make yet ANOTHER mess before I’m done.
Let me tell you about the last time I kicked them all out of the house so I could clean in peace. I was angry-cleaning. There was nothing in particular to be angry about, but I was feeling very overwhelmed, and I knew the best thing for me would be a combination of loud music, sweat, and putting things in order. And for there to be order, the little people would need to be OUT. SIDE. (And don’t you dare come in this house until I call you.)

I was right. Cleaning and moving without interruption did lighten my mood considerably. I was done, and ready to see then children again…and they were still playing happily. It was strange, actually.
I opened the front door.
There they were, my six little angels, playing in the driveway, cheering about the “snow.”
Snow? In May?
Let me explain.
My husband (who obviously doesn’t care what this house looks like or appreciate what I do around here all day), had left a box on the ground from a package he had received. The (annoying) children had removed the (obnoxious) large chunks of (pernicious) Styrofoam, and they were crumbling them in their (ungrateful) little fingers. They were cheering and yelling and throwing tiny (evil) pieces all over the yard. Even my (should-know-better) third grader and my (much-too-old-to-act-this-way) first grader were in on the fun!
I cannot share much more with you, because I don’t remember. I think I blacked out in anger for a few minutes.
We all learned a few lessons that day.
1. Don’t touch Styrofoam, ever. Don’t even look at it.
2. Sometimes even Mommy loses it, and she makes messes worse, just like the kids.
3. Even mommy sins, says she’s sorry, and needs forgiveness.
4. Even messy mommy is loved by God. (and her children, too.)
Every now and then, cleaning these messes, I do pray, “God, bless this mess,” but the mess I refer to is not the cereal on the floor. It is me.
And He does.

Father in heaven, bless all your messy children this week; thank you for your grace in Jesus that makes us clean  in Your sight. Amen

— Emily Cook

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  1. Quite eye catching and splendid pictures..It always feel so good to see a family enjoying the life full of joys.May you spend many more likely events.thank you very much for sharing.keep posting.


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