Tuesday, August 29, 2017

rain snapshot

I am leaving school after a parent meeting. There’s an evening list waiting for me and I am not excited. Also, it’s pouring; I need to brace myself before I head out in the rain. Deep breath and… go. I run into the parking lot, splashing in my dress shoes, trying to decide if my body can handle a full out sprint back to the parsonage. I take a shortcut through the grass, and dodge a mud puddle. My back is sopping wet and my dress shoes are a mess, but the water feels good running down my face. The rain comes down with a dull roar; and I hear screaming and laughing-- wait, what? Who in their right mind would be out here in this downpour? The gate opens before I get to it and I see the kids, led by their Responsible Big Sister, being led out of the yard to the park! Some are in their swimsuits; all are shrieking.

“What a great idea!” I holler. I throw my purse in the house and join them. Pete and I bounce on the trampoline, slip on “banana peels,” and watch the water splash with every jump. I am the crazy lady in her work clothes, seizing the day with her kids in the rain.
Meanwhile, one stays inside with his dog and says we are all crazy. He shakes his head at us- but, with a small smile. Just like his daddy.

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  1. It's quite hard to manage to pick and dropping off kids in heavy rains or snow, it really becomes a hard job for many parents. But glad you managed all this amazingly.


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