Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Yesterday the little two got out the train while I folded the laundry. They tried but couldn’t quite set it up; I pulled myself away from the tasks and connected tracks for a bit, even making a hill and a path under the bridge… and my little boys said “Mom you are SO smart!” and they looked at me with new eyes. I went back to the laundry and listened to them play; transported back to the little stay-at-home days when their prattle was the background noise to all my tasks.

Later, I picked up a book and they snuggled down next to me, one on each side. The story began, and then I had to take the noisy gun away; another page and “where did you even get that balloon? If you want to play, go play, but we’re reading in this room right now.”  Another page, and they finally calmed, transported by the story.  We lingered over the words and the pictures, and took our time inside the magic of the story. Like a beacon, the story pulled in another sibling, and then even the oldest found her place on the edge of the bed and was transfixed.

Note to self: Don't. Miss. These. Moments.

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  1. Love reading your journey of train along with your two little champs! Its so true that we should live each and every moment to the most with our love ones because life is so unpredictable!


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