Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Gathering Acorns: Remembering and Looking Forward

Here comes an opportunity to talk to kids about death!
All saints day, coming soon! Are you ready?

I'm not. I'd rather just make a costume, and I am not a fan of sewing, so that's saying something. But the church year has brought this holiday along again already, as it does every year, and I find that it is actually good for me.

It is a time to think of those who have already finished the race, those who are done with sadness and trials and now live a life of joy in presence of God.

It is the time of year for remembering, and for looking-forward. 

I have an "All Saints" scrapbook, and I make sure that the children and I look through it together at least once a year.  Of course, life being what it is, we tend to look at it a bit more often... every time we add a beloved family member or church member to the book.  

Don't assume that this is something I am actually comfortable with.  It is definitely not, but I do it anyway.

Why a scrapbook?

I started it for myself, actually.  At first, I did not want to share it with the kids.  Yet, I was sure I would have to, and I thought I would have to do it soon, which is why I started the scrapbook in the first place.

I was pretty sure that my dear Aggie was going to die.  And I knew that if her eyes closed one last time, I would have four other sets of  little eyes, staring at me with questions.

And what if Aggie knew?  What if there came time for Hospice and preparing and Aggie's own questions?  What would I say to her?  How in the world would I be able to say anything, or do anything at all, other than try to merely function under the weight of my own grief?

I did not trust myself.  I had to prepare. I had to organize the Truth and have it at hand, sitting there in black and white, ready to strengthen weak faith and heavy hearts...  just in case.

So I started a scrapbook.  Like a squirrel gathering acorns, I gathered promises.  I stored away Words of hope and truth.

I read those Words, I cut them out, and I clung to them.  I put them in a scrapbook right next to pictures of those who have gone before, and I imagined those promises fulfilled.

I am a terrible scrapbooker. I do not own a pair of those scissors with fancy edges, nor do I know how to mat and place things so they look pretty. I can't even cut a straight edge (seriously, it drives my husband and one son crazy.)  For this reason, you will see few photos of my book. It is definitely not pinterest worthy!

Dearest Christian friends, I encourage you to take time this fall to gather promises.  Grab an old photobook, or even a three ring binder, and make for yourself a place to store those precious words and promises of God that encourage you in the valley of the shadow of death.

Remember, rejoice, and look forward with me.

baby me, and grandma, and grandpa


This week I am sharing pieces of my All Saints Scrapbook.

Why not make your own?

It can be as simple as this:

Need help getting started?

For a text file of my favorite Scriptures, quotes and articles click here.


Who are you remembering this week?
Share a photo and (if you like) some words with me (via facebook or email or in the comments) .
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  1. Wonderful wonderful idea Emily. All Saints Day is one I love to emphasize with my babies but haven't been sure what all to say/teach/do etc. I'm going to have to work on a book like this.


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