Growing up with my 'tween

Girlhood is the opening flower of womanhood. It has charms all its own. The wonderful blossoming of young, healthy girlhood, 

will ever be God’s great miracle in life’s garden. Girlhood is like a half-open rose. We are charmed, both by the beauty of the bud and by the wonderful coloring of the rose.  We behold the familiar traits of childhood that have always charmed us and held our affections, 
but blended with these in ever changing variety are the graces and powers of womanhood.

--Beautiful Girlhood,
by Mabel Hale, revised and expanded by Karen Andreola

My babies have grown beautiful, and it's time for me to grow up with them! This post is the beginning of a series on connecting with tween girls. 

We grabbed what we had (Ritz crackers and Pez) and we tip-toed out the door.  We sat by the pond on an old sheet, and we spent twenty minutes, just being together.  We didn't have a "big talk" about anything, but what we did was important. We connected.

Date your daughter with Secret Keeper Girl
Recommended resource to help you connect with your tween

This is an older post but it it is still quite popular. Though I can't take credit for the idea, I had to share it with you.  If you have young girls, please consider trying a mother-daughter journal!

Suicide: A talk I did not want to have.
Talking even when there is no making sense of it. We sit together and we wait. Come, Lord Jesus.

To Lorraine on your eleventh birthday


  1. Sweet series!! Thanks for linking these posts up, Emily!!

  2. What a great idea for a series... Look forward to following along. Thanks so much for sharing at Hope you will join us again this week :)
    in Him,

  3. Love the idea of doing a series on this, I've been contemplating the idea, because it's such a hard age. But I'm right in the middle of it, so I may wait. I loved Secret Keeper Girl! I'm hoping that by keeping the lines of communication open and doing more listening than talking will help us navigate these next few years smoothly.

    What an important series you have started here! I hope you keep sharing what you find, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. So many thanks for sharing, Have you already setup a fan page on Facebook ?

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